Finding a leader who will perform requires a tenacious, disciplined approach. It requires quality engagement – truly understanding your needs and culture, leaving no stone unturned, and committing to a win-win close for clients and candidates alike. That’s how Leadership Source has built a track record of success which is the envy of our industry.

Leadership Assessment

Clients value the judgment and insight of our Partners and their ability to accurately assess each candidate’s fit for their organization.

Whether for selection, succession, promotion, teaming, or development, candidates are assessed from an informed perspective utilizing the world’s best leadership assessment tool, TAIS – The Attentional Interpersonal Style Inventory.

Through the use of TAIS, Leadership Source helps executives perform up to their potential by identifying steps they can take to control their emotions, minimize distractions, and focus their attention on critical performance relevant cues.

TAIS is used around the world for the selection and training of high-level performers in business, sports, and the military and measures the concentration and interpersonal skills necessary for effective decision-making.

TAIS allows you to identify the specific environmental conditions likely to facilitate and/or interfere with an individual’s ability to perform at the upper limits of their potential and to identify the specific behaviours an individual needs to change to improve performance.

Only accurate leadership assessment and selection of the right candidate will make the definitive difference in achieving your organization’s goals.

The Candidate Funnel

Average for Leadership Source engagements in 2016

Contacts and sources researched for outreach

Substantive conversations

Qualified candidates presented

Candidates selected by client for interviews

Best candidate is selected, contract negotiated, signed, and candidate onboarded

Our People Stay – Guaranteed

Your success is our success. That is why we guarantee results. While it is our expectation that you will support the candidate throughout the onboarding process, provide regular feedback, and notify us if supplemental executive coaching is warranted, your expectation should be that if within the first 12 months, a candidate we have placed is not performing to expectations and/or leaves for unwarranted reasons, then we will conduct a new search to replace that candidate for out-of-pocket expenses only.

Making You a Priority

Leadership Source knows that keeping momentum in your search effort is paramount – our average completion time this past year was 74.8 days relative to an industry average of 3-4 months. We make it effortless for you to monitor our progress. Just log into your client portal at your convenience to access real time reporting on your assignment.

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